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Legacy planning gives you the ability to think beyond physical assets and leave behind the characteristics that have shaped the person you are today. This comprehensive approach to putting your plans in place, considers more than the monetary transfer of assets to your heirs or beneficiaries.

Legacy planning includes anything and everything that secures how your family and community will remember you when you are no longer here. When you have worked hard to build your estate it’s natural that you would want to ensure that it is shared fairly. Legacy planning helps you to prepare for any unexpected circumstances.

Let the legacy continue…

Having a great legacy is arguably the most inspirational and powerful thing to achieve in life because it enables you to leave it behind for your heirs or beneficiaries, even if you are no longer in the self-created picture. Leaving behind your legacy and helping your successor carry it might be the proudest moment for you. Plan it in advance, protect it and offer it wishfully to your loved ones with proper planning. Let the legacy be continued and be remembered by your successors and by your whole community!

Our expert advisors can help you make the best decisions

Your legacy is beyond monetary gains or physical properties but it also about securing the family name for the generations to continue using it respectfully. It should be planned in a way that it is shared fairly among your successors after your demise. If your legacy plan was created years back, recreate it as per the new laws and keep the plan updated to avoid any unavoidable circumstances or disputes among the family members. As a legal advisor, we help you make decisions regarding your legacy where you think everyone will be treated wisely and as per your wish. Together we explore the values, passions and wealth to know what these mean to your family, friends and community.

We are here to help you through this process and guarantee that your wishes are recorded correctly. You can rest assured that your loved ones will have access to everything they need and that your wishes can be carried out in the proper manner.

We can help you set out plans as well as establish and nurture an enduring legacy that spans generations.

Building a plan helps ensure a strong financial legacy for your beneficiaries.

Though it is a gruelling process to implement it and might take years of assessing the legacy succession of assets, we make it easy for you to plan and organise your property trust Will to bequeath it to your heirs after your demise. Our legacy planning services will help you streamline the whole process in a professional and legal manner by educating you about the current local, state and federal laws pertaining to legacy transfer.

With our wealth of experience we have developed the best approach for instigating your legacy planning. Together we explore your values, passions and wealth and what these mean to your family, friends and the wider community. To start this conversation consider these fundamental questions:

Our legacy planning services include the following:

  • Analysing the entire inherited wealth

  • Naming the beneficiaries

  • Transferring of investment accounts

  • Assessing real estate properties

  • Accounting insurance policies

  • Avoiding or reducing inheritance tax

  • Calculating taxation

  • Readying legal documents

  • Providing benefits to the charitable societies in the name of your family

  • Planning the long-term benefits to the successors

  • What does your family plan to do with their inherited wealth?

  • What does your family plan to do with their inherited wealth?

  • What are the morals, aspirations and values that would determine your lasting legacy?

  • Are there charities or societies in your community that could benefit from your assistance?

  • Does you legacy plan align with the long term vision of you family?

With your authority, we can also help you in assigning a trustworthy executor for the legacy plan who will execute the whole process after your demise. This will prove to be a peaceful arrangement of inheriting your legacy for your heirs after your demise.

Think about what is most important to you. Starting this process now will help you develop a detailed legacy plan that aligns with your goals and wishes.

Why Legacy Matters?

We, at Legacy Matters, offer legal advice on legacy planning will and help you till the end of the long process. Our expertise lies in documentation and legalising the process on papers. We follow a working principle of honesty, integrity, openness and caring for others. Following ethical work practices, we have gained the trust of a lot of people around the country who have titled us as their ‘trusted legal advisers’ or as a ‘go-to legal adviser’ in offering legacy planning services in the UK.

Advice And Expertise On Planning Your Legacy

Define your Legacy

Our services will help you acknowledge your life’s true purpose and create your legacy with dedication, hard work and meaningful contributions, so you can make a mark that’s forever celebrated by the community you live in and the world.

Charitable trusts and donations

Our services will help in aligning your life’s mission to the deeper causes you believe in that impact the world. Through charitable trusts, donate to help the vulnerable and people in dire need. Mention these deeds in your legacy for your heirs to continue with the charitable work for the generations to come.

Heirlooms and Inheritances

Our services will ensure that the heritage items that are more than the monetary value are passed on to your heirs for the preservation of family tradition.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Our services will ensure that your assets are well-secured from the impact of inheritance tax and also enabling you to leave more to your loved ones after you pass away.

Seamless Documentation Work

Our services will ensure all the legal documents required for your legacy plan Will, trusts, lasting power of attorney are documented in a precise and clear manner with your authority.

Flexibility in Appointments

Our services will ensure that we meet you as per your calendar or even online appointment if needed. Flexibility in timings and place of meeting is what we offer.

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Advice And Expertise On Planning Your Legacy

Define your Legacy

Beyond the money and assets and thinking about leaving your mark in the world

Charitable trusts and donations

Giving to the causes you care about in the best way possible

Heirlooms and Inheritances

Pass on those unique items that have more than monetary value to preserve family memories

Inheritance Tax Planning

Making sure your estate is arranged in the best way possible

All the documents you need

Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and more, all taken care of

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