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A Lasting Power of Attorney for total Peace of Mind

That is the benefit of having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

It is a document you draw up now, whilst you are competent to do so, that gives someone else, often your adult children, the power to act on your behalf when you cannot do so. 

People often presume that their family will automatically be able to step in and take control of their affairs, but this isn’t the case. Without an LPA, your next of kin are unable to help.

We all hope to live a long and healthy life, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it. If you have an accident, become ill or lose the ability to make your own decisions, for example, due to dementia, you want someone who knows and cares for you to step in and act on your behalf. 

There is no limit to the number of attorneys you can have; how many you appoint will depend on your circumstances. For some people, having one attorney is enough. For others, three or four attorneys may be more suitable.

Knowledge about Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney is an authoritative record that lets you (the ‘donor’) name at least one individual (known as ‘attorney’) to help you settle on choices for your sake. This gives you more authority over what befalls on you if you have a mishap, a disease and can’t settle on your own choices because of your mental incapacity. However, there are certain terms to be followed while finalising your power of attorney:


  • You should be 18 years of age or over and have the mental capacity to make your lasting power of attorney.

  • Power of attorney documents should be registered at the Office of Public Guardian for the process to commence. The process takes up to 10 weeks to complete.

  • You can assign one attorney or more suitable and trustworthy attorneys depending upon the circumstances you put them in.

  • You don’t have to live in the UK or be a British resident to make the power of attorney.

  • In case this process remains unfinished, your family will have to go through a legal process when a judge finalises the lasting power of attorney. During this process, your bank accounts are frozen and no financial transactions are allowed which might even impact your financial and business affairs.


A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives the people you trust the power to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. They can make decisions for you should you have an accident, illness or loss of mental or physical capacity recognising the seriousness of their responsibility. Setting this plan in motion, before it is needed, puts you firmly in control of your affairs.

  • An Attorney only has the authority to act when the LPA has been registered at the Office of the Public Guardian

  •  An Attorney can only make decisions about your health and welfare when you are unable to do so for yourself.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can only be prepared while you have the mental capacity to do so. Once you are unable to decide for yourself, your family will need to follow a complex legal process to be able to act on your behalf. A Judge will make the final decision as to who is appointed to deal with your affairs, which may not be the person you would have chosen. During this long process, your bank accounts may be frozen and bills may go unpaid significantly impacting your financial and business affairs.

Our expert advisors can help you make the best decisions

For some people, having one Attorney is enough. For others three or four Attorneys may be more suitable. There is no limit on the number of Attorneys you can have and what you want or require will depend on your individual circumstances. Having someone you trust to help you with these important matters removes any potential stress or anxiety from the process. We can help you make these important decisions with our expert guidance and advice.

Different types of Lasting Power of Attorney:

Setting your Lasting Power of Attorney in motion puts your mind at ease and allows an open discussion with those who will eventually want to take care of you. Cultivating openness about your wishes is invaluable and means that there is no ambiguity surrounding your personal and business affairs.



Depending on your circumstances, there are a range of LPAs you may need:

  • Property & Financial Affairs allows the person(s) appointed to make decisions on your behalf on money matters, such paying bills, dealing with savings and investments, arranging and collecting benefits or even selling property to pay for your care.

  • Business allows you to appoint a suitable attorney to make decisions concerning your business interests ensuring that it continues to function in your absence.

  • Health and Welfare allows the person(s) appointed to make decisions for you on personal matters such as care, where you live, as well as decisions regarding medical and life-sustaining treatment.

Putting these plans in place means that you decide exactly how much authority your ‘Attorney’ would have and whether you want to impose any restrictions, safeguarding your wishes and ensuring they are carried out.

What Happens if You do Not Have an LPA in Place?

If you become incapacitated and unable to look after your affairs and do not have an LPA, your family has no right to act on your behalf. During this process, your bank account may be frozen, and bills could go unpaid, adversely affecting you and your business if you have one. These circumstances can result in a long, drawn-out legal process with a judge deciding who can deal with your affairs.

Why Legacy Matters?

We, at Legacy Matters, offer legal advice on assigning the lasting power of attorney and help you till the end of the long process. Our expertise lies in documentation and legalising the process in front of the Judge. We follow a working principle of honesty, integrity, openness and caring for others. Following ethical work practices, we have gained the trust of a lot of people around the country who have titled us as their ‘trusted legal advisers’ or as a ‘go-to legal adviser’ in implementing lasting power of attorney in the UK.

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