The UW Price Pledge is our money-saving pledge available to new customers joining on or after 22 April 2024 and who choose three or more applicable services and a Cashback Card: if you don’t save with UW in your first year with us, we’ll pay you double the difference and let you leave without any exit fees.

If you are a new customer and take 3 or more qualifying services (Energy, Mobile SIM only, Broadband and Boiler & Home Cover), and regularly use your Cashback Card, you’re eligible for the Price Pledge. If you don’t save with UW (incl. Cashback) in your first year vs your previous provider (or cheapest major provider where applicable), you can apply to claim the UW Price Pledge between 12 – 15 months after your sign-up date. The Price Pledge and no exit fees only apply to qualifying services taken at sign-up, or within 42 days.

What will I receive for a successful claim under the Price Pledge?

If the UW total price (which includes Cashback Card savings) after a year is higher than the competitor’s total price, we’ll pay you double the difference

What services are eligible under the Price Pledge?

Energy, Mobile SIM only, Broadband and Boiler & Home Cover. Multiple types of the same service (i.e. multiples or different two types of mobile service, gas and electricity) will be counted as one eligible service. You must take at least 3 of these applicable bundle services and a Cashback card within 42 days of joining UW as a new customer to count as eligible services.

Is the Price Pledge applicable for tenants as well as homeowners?

Yes, the UW Price Pledge is applicable to homeowners and tenants. Boiler & Home Cover is not available to tenants, so if you are a tenants you’ll need to take energy, broadband and mobile SIM only (as well as the Cashback Card) to be eligible.

Does this take into account other introductory prices, account staff or family discounts?

Introductory or seasonal offers are included in our comparison, as well as any other discounts. Vouchers and any physical goods like TVs, handsets etc from other providers are however excluded.

How and when can I make a claim?

If you want to make a claim, you must ensure we receive your claim to [email protected] between 12 – 15 months after your sign-up date. You must have also joined UW on or after 22 April 2024. Only one claim can be made per customer.

How will I receive my claim?

The value of any successful claim will applied to your next bill as a one-off bill credit once your claim has been processed. An email confirming the amount will also be sent to you once all your information has been received and approved ahead of the bill credit.

If your claim is unsuccessful you’ll receive an email so you know the outcome of your claim either way.

How will UW calculate whether I’ve saved in my first year?

We’ll calculate what you have paid us in total for the Price Pledge Services for your first 12 months from your date of sign-up. We’ll only use the standard/monthly charges for each service and not any additional items such as eeros or out-of-contract charges. We’ll then deduct (i) how much cashback you have received on your Cashback Card or £160 (being the average active cashback card customer saving – see below question for further details), whichever is higher and (ii) any credits and discounts received.

We’ll compare this to our best estimate of what you would have paid in total for the standard/monthly charges for equivalent services with the major provider that was offering the cheapest price for that service in the month that you switched to UW. However, if you were in a contract with your previous provider we’ll use what you would have paid your previous provider for the remainder of your minimum contract term and then use the major provider price for the rest, if applicable. How we calculate the difference varies for each service.

How will UW calculate the CBC savings if I’ve not saved the current cashback saving average?

We’ll assume an average Cashback Card saving of £160 at the time of your claim. The amount of £160 a year is based on customer usage data from 03.04.23 to 31.03.24 for customers who earned Cashback at least once a week, excluding promotional activities. If you’ve saved higher than £160 at the time of claiming, your higher saving will be used in your calculations.

Are there any exit fees if I want to leave after a successful claim?

You’ll have the right to request the cancellation or switch of any Price Pledge Services without exit fees/early termination fees for 14 days following notification of a successful claim. All other exit fees/early termination fees for services not included in the Price Pledge will apply.

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