Top 10 Reasons to have a Will

Written byMark L

June 7, 2023

Did you know there can be costly fees for your loved ones if you die without a valid Will? While death isn’t something we like to think about, we know that it is a natural part of life and can happen at any moment. We cannot anticipate our end, but we can gain control by planning for it.

If you don’t have a valid Will in place, your money, property and possessions will be shared out according to the law instead of your wishes. We know that while most people acknowledge the importance of having a Will, about 60% of us do not have a plan in place. This can mean that what you leave behind can pass to someone you hadn’t intended or that some loved ones end up with nothing.

Here are Ten 10  Reasons to have a Valid Will

 The first of these reasons is to make sure that your money, property or other assets go to the individuals or the organisations that you want to benefit from them in the event of your death.

2. You should also get a will in order to avoid family disputes.
3. Getting a will will avoid stress for your family at a very sensitive time.
4. Getting a will is vital to provide a legacy for future generations.
5.Writing a will will allow you to choose an executor to look after your estate and your affairs in the event of your death.
6. Writing a will allow you to give money to charities or other good causes by writing a will.
7. It allows parents to appoint guardians for Children who are under the legal age.
8.Writing a will mean that you can provide for Children or stepchildren.
9. Writing a will is essential to be able to leave assets to a partner, particularly if you’re married.
10 By writing a will it allows you to express any end of life wishes, which could be whether you wish to be buried or cremated or if there’s any special requests.

All of these elements are important factors to consider why you should write a will. If any of these apply to you, I recommend that you click the contact button down below so that you can talk to one of our experts so that we can better protect you, your family and your loved ones for ongoing generations.

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