A simple tribute to a great life.

Written byMark L

September 9, 2022

It is with great sadness that I write this brief tribute to The Queen who died around 12 hours ago. I was honoured to meet the Queen and that day is one that I will always remember.

I am aware that the time I spent in her company was fleeting, but because of the magnitude of the person who she was, it is a time that I will always remember.

We met at a garden party in Buckingham Palace, in the Royal enclosure. I was fortunate to shake the queens hand, and have a brief conversation about the weather (such a traditional English scene).

I am certain that she forgot meeting me, as quickly as we met, being surrounded as she was by so many more important and influential people, however I am proud to say that she literally and figurately touched me.

Since I heard about her death, I have been deeply moved, and I don’t mind saying that I have shed a tear of grief. Indeed, as I write these words, it is 4am in the morning, and I am unable to sleep.

The emotions I feel are special, and I know that I will not be alone in similar feelings.

I am sad at the Queen’s passing, but proud to have had her as the head of state for all of my life (so far). In a very significant way, her life and the things she represented has an impact on so many people’s lives.

The last time I felt in a similar way was the passing of my dear friend Professor Stephen Hawking, who I was with that day that I met the queen. The only other time I can remember feeling a similar way was the death of HRH Princess Diana, and I expect the next time I will feel a similar way will be that inevitable sad future day when Sir David Attenborough will pass.

I take inspiration from The Queen, as one that has led a full life, with a life dedicated to service. Obviously, I will never have her platform, nor will I have the opportunity to touch as many lives, but I like to think that over time, and with my own dedicated service, I too can touch lives, and can in my own way make a difference to others. Every working day of my life, I get the opportunity to touch others, as I help people to plan their own Legacy, and decide how they want to pass on their possessions, memories and influence to their friends and family when they pass. I thank all of my clients for the trust that they put in my service, and I trust that we serve you all well.

Thinking of service, I want to also thank the thousands of support staff that have worked with The Queen throughout her lifetime. Having had the privilege of working as part of the support team of another great person, Professor Stephen Hawking, I know that many other people have dedicated their lives, or elements of their lives to the service of others. It is only with this support that great people are able to provide the service that they give. The brighter a light shines, almost inevitably, the greater the support that they have received in order to do so.

I believe it is important that we remain humble with our accomplishments. Know that we can all achieve greatness, and we all have the power within to touch others, and support those who are on a great journey. Spend your life adding to the lives of others, and you too will be sadly missed when you pass.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era. She was someone incredible who touched many people, and whose image has been a daily part of our lives for so many decades. Every stamp, note or coin shares her image. Our national anthem speaks her name, and she is truly part of our heritage.Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

I look forward to seeing how our new King, Charles III develops into his new role. He has had a lifetime to contemplate his role as monarch, and he has extremely big shoes to fill (although The Queen was such a physically small lady). I hope that at some point in the future I will have the opportunity to meet him, only time will tell if that honour is one that turns into reality.

I believe that we are all fortunate to be masters of our own destiny. We tend to make our own luck, and I feel sure that as long as we take the opportunities that present themselves to us, and with constant and hard work, and a life of service, we all have the chance to meet great people in the future. I will end this tribute with a positive note. I thank you all for reading this article, and I am keen to know if you share similar feelings. Please comment or share as you see fit.

Please take inspiration from the great lives of others. Learn lessons from those people who you feel have done great things, and take some time to emulate those actions and feelings in your interactions with others. Great people provide a light that we can all follow. They provide an example to us about how we can live our lives, and the impact we can have on other people.

Share in the joy that others can bring, and do your best to bring joy and happiness to others.

A life of service is a great gift. Service like charity, blesses those who give, as well as those who receive.

If I have been fortunate enough to have served you already. I thank you.

If I am yet to have an opportunity to serve you or your family in the future, I look forward to the opportunity, and I thank you for the future times that we will share.

God Bless The Queen Elizabeth II.

Long live King Charles III.

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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