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Legacy Planning for your Property Portfolio

Investing in property is increasingly popular as a way to generate extra income for you or a family member, build a business or even provide a pension. They can also form a wonderful inheritance, as long as you plan ahead and take care to consider all the angles.

Modern families are complex – with second partners, children from more than one relationship and vulnerable family members you want to protect and see taken care of for life. That means that a simple Will probably won’t meet your needs. Without careful planning you could be:

  • leaving your loved ones open to sideways inheritance (when your assets pass away from your family in favour of the family of your spouse),
  • high levels of inheritance tax and
  • immaturevulnerable family members not getting the full benefit of your estate.
Legacy wills and estate planning

Let our legacy planning experts help you navigate the process, making sure all eventualities are considered and your affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient way.

Wills and estate planning don’t need to be complicated; they just need the expert guidance to explain them in everyday language. Our team of legacy experts are easy to reach and easy to understand, giving your teams solid, reliable information and advice they can trust.


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Advice And Expertise On Every Aspect of Your Estate


Legacy Wills which make sure your property portfolio benefits those you care about.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are incapacitated, making certain that your properties continue to generate value or can be put to use for your care.


Protecting young and vulnerable beneficiaries or passing the income of property to one loved one ownership remains elsewhere.

Probate Assistance

In the case of a death in service, helping your employee’s family navigate probate without eroding the value of your property portfolio.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Arranging your assets in the most tax efficient way possible making sure your loved ones get the best advantage of your estate

Regular Reviews

Making sure that, as your circumstances (and your portfolio) changes you have valid and up to date documents in place.

Planning your property portfolio legacy doesn’t need to be difficult


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