Protecting those Less Able to Protect Themselves

Make sure anything you leave to your vulnerable loved ones is there when they need it

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Legacy Planning for Vulnerable Beneficiaries

When planning your Will, special consideration is needed for anyone who is considered vulnerable. Whether they are under 18, have a learning disability, need special medical care or may not be responsible enough to manage their financial affairs, you want to protect them.

Leaving them an inheritance in your Will can secure their future but, at the same time, could mean they don’t get the full benefit of the inheritance.

That means that a simple Will probably won’t meet your needs. Without careful planning you could be:

  • passing a large inheritance to someone without the maturity to make wise spending decisions

  • leaving a vulnerable dependent open to exploitation or fraud

  • missing out on special tax treatment on the inheritances for certain vulnerable beneficiaries

Let our legacy planning experts help you navigate the process, making sure all eventualities are considered for your vulnerable loved ones, and your affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient way.

Wills and estate planning don’t need to be complicated; they just need expert guidance to explain them in everyday language. Our team of legacy experts is easy to reach and easy to understand, giving your teams solid, reliable information and advice they can trust.

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Legacy Wills takes into consideration the unique circumstances for your family.


Protecting young and vulnerable beneficiaries so they get the full benefit of their inheritance.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Arranging your assets in the most tax-efficient way possible.  Making sure your vulnerable loved ones get the best advantage of your estate.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you should be incapacitated, making sure that vulnerable dependants continue to get the care they need.

Probate Assistance

When you die, making sure your estate is arranged in the right way for those who most need help.

Regular Reviews

Making sure that, as your circumstances change you have valid and up to date documents in place.

Planning for vulnerable family members doesn’t need to be difficult


Tailored Packages for Vulnerable Beneficiaries

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