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Preserving your Legacy – Creating a Legacy for the World

We are very proud that Legacy Matters is a B1G1 Business for Good

In simple terms, this means that, every time books a free Will review with us, we plant a tree to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to reverse climate change by 2030.

The Legacy you leave isn’t just about the assets you pass to your loved ones, but also the marks you leave on the planet. By planting trees, we are reducing the impact humankind has on our environment so there is a healthy future of the generations to come.

Thanks to B1G1 our impact on your personal legacy and our impact on the legacy we leave for the world are now linked.

You can also contribute to the project directly and plant more trees, you can do that here.

And, if you’d like to sign up your own business to B1G1, by using my unique code BM13869 our businesses will automatically be linked and you get $10 worth of Giving Credits to kick-start your giving journey.

Impacts made so far

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